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our history

Top Guns Armory EU - Gun store founded by a military veteran

Top Guns Armory EU offers one of the largest selections of handguns, shotguns, and rifles from all major manufacturers. For the many years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our customers the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction,  and they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.

In addition, we have a wide variety of ammunitions for supplies, from handgun magazines and long gun magazines to ammo and cartridges. Whether you are a marksman, sportsman, armed professional, or are interested in self-defense, we have the firearm for you.

our mission

Defense for safety, dignity & respect

our mission

Defense for safety, dignity & respect

We do our best to implement your ideas into the project to make it successful and profitable.

Guiseppe Ciano
CEO Director

QAt Top Guns Armory EU, our goal is simple; we wish to offer a large selection of firearms for sale in Europe and some of the best pricing in the EU. while giving unmatched services.

With our selected TopGuns for sale in Europe, we want to be the Gun Store in Europe where you Buy Firearm in Europe and Buy Ammo in Europe for all your shooting & tactical needs.

Our Very experienced team is dedicated to firearms and to serving you with quality & value. We want your input.  Tell us how we can make your experience better.  Without our clients, we are nothing. Thus, your positive experience is critical for our success. 


TopGuns Armory EU offer Wholesale firearms for sale and Bulk ammo for sale in Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada and Australia.
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Buy TopGuns Shop

Buy the best selected guns for sale in Europe from trusted firearm manufacturers. Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns including Ammo.
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How To Buy Guns Online In Europe

We have made the buy guns online Europe process very easy for all gun user. Follow this simple steps.
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Best Prices

We have competitive prices for firearms in Europe at affordable prices.

Fast Shipping

We have priority shipping and delivery which literally take few days for delivery time.

Buyer's Protection

Our Buyer's protection is priority with us. We keep all details safe and encrypted through out your stay on our website.

Live Support

Our kind and experienced team are always available for assistance through live-chat support.
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